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Pure Garlic Extract with Allicin

Advanced Cold-Processed

We all know that garlic is extremely beneficial to your immune system, but what’s the best and easiest way to make sure that your body absorbs all the healthy nutrients?

Our Pure Garlic Extract with allicin cold-processed liquid formula is here to ensure maximum absorption and skyrocket your immunity.

Unlike the other leading synthetic garlic supplements that promise no smell, we take great pride in our raw recipe which magnifies garlic’s health benefits. We’ll be honest. Our Pure Garlic Extract dietary supplement with allicin may have a discreet scent, unlike the piercing aftertaste that lingers long after you've eaten raw garlic, however formula's aftertaste is much more subtle and short-acting.

Garlic has been considered a super-food since the ancient times. It is known to promote healthy blood pressure levels, support normal candida levels, support stabilized bowel function and help regulate blood glucose levels. Plus, its anti-inflammatory action is extremely crucial to your health.

Rich in Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese and Vitamin C, our Pure Garlic Extract is the ideal way to support your immune system, cleanse your body and promote healthy cardiovascular activity. In addition, our liquid formula is 100% cold-processed, never comes into contact with any source of heat and will ensure the rapid absorption of these nutrients.


That's why we have designed and developed Our Pure Garlic Extract, so that you can boost your immune system and turbo-charge your circulation.

Ideal for both adults and kids as well as vegetarians, Pure Garlic Extra with allicin is the perfect way to start your every day!


The new formula is 11x stronger than the famous classic formula and it's alcohol free. This makes our Pure Garlic Extract preservative free!

Did You Know

That Organic, Raw Garlic Has Been Honored For Centuries As A Potent, Natural Medicinal Herb?

Physicians in Ancient Egypt believed in the mysterious, hypnotic state of garlic, Ancient Romans honored raw garlic as a supreme healing element, and Hippocrates led medical advancements in Ancient Greece with freshly pressed garlic juice, powerful tinctures, and enticing raw garlic mashes.

Garlic has been utilized in multiple areas of life since ancient times as a pungent flavor enhancer for exquisite culinary dishes and a powerful, natural tool for health in the field of medicine. The healing trance of garlic and powerful immunity boosts have been observed and respected for thousands of years. Modern scientists have enacted tests, inquires, and trials to fully understand and prove the potency and power of garlic that ancient civilizations were obsessed with. Using modern technology and innovative tools, scientists are uncovering the secrets of this medicinal gem that is housed under the papery, layered exterior.


At Bright Horizon Health, we are captivated by the antioxidant-rich, healing power of garlic and were inspired to create a pure garlic extract for the modern age without the use of machinery, modeling our practice after the ancient artisans. Combining traditional hand pressing techniques with illuminating, newfound scientific understanding, Bright Horizon Health is able to craft the world’s purest, most powerful garlic extract.

When you crush, cut, and chop fresh raw garlic, it releases the mouthwatering, spicy odor that is the secret to flavorful food. Allicin is the biochemical reason for this odor and, it turns out, the secret to your health. Scientists proven ancient theories with the discovery that the allicin content in garlic directly correlates to the herb’s medicinal qualities and anti-bacterial properties that help fight infections, destroy cancer cells, and more. Bright Horizon Health has perfected the pure garlic extraction process to capture the highest percentage of allicin.

Fresh garlic is an incredibly complex, intriguing plant and the natural properties change, shift, and transform over time. We process our fresh garlic quickly by hand to ensure that allicin is not destroyed or lost in the process of manufacturing the pure extract. No other product on the market delivers the saturated allicin content to match the purity and potency of Bright Horizon Health Pure Garlic Extract. The pure garlic extract is formulated for the highest levels of potency and purity in a unique recipe that matches your biology. Our garlic extract is prepared to support your body’s optimal absorption of allicin without being destroyed by the stomach acid.



Did You Know

Daily drops of our pure garlic extract can transform your health...

Daily drops of our pure garlic extract can transform your health with surface changes that you can feel and deep improvements in your body that help to prevent problems and illnesses over time. It only takes 30 drops of garlic each day to produce the same results as eating an entire bulb of raw garlic! Preventing is always better than curing and leading a healthy lifestyle has never been easier.

Adults and children can enjoy the healing benefit of our pure garlic extract with the bright, refreshing scent that playfully pricks up the back of your neck and teases your senses with a twinge of spiciness. Balance your sleep schedule, maintain a healthy weight, lower your blood pressure, alkalize your blood, balance blood sugars, fight infections, and refresh your body with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Discover the healthy possibilities in every drop!

Bright Horizon Health is a family-owned and operated company is delivering the healing power of garlic to your home. For three decades, our all natural product has helped adults and children manage their health issues, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • pinworms
  • toothaches
  • warts
  • ear infections
  • high cholesterol
  • candida
  • diabetes
  • intestinal problems
  • indigestion
  • common colds
  • and flues.

Strengthen your immune system and promote heart health to fight back against viruses, infections, bacteria, and cancer. The oil of pressed raw garlic is bottled straight from the source using traditional, artisan extraction processes to ensure the highest level of potency and exceptional quality. In order to enjoy the complete healing elements of garlic extract, it has to be authentic from Bright Horizon Health.



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