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If you are looking for a delicious yet healthy and nutritious addition to your daily diet, then look no further! The green superfood powder mix is here to improve your health and turbo-charge your immune system! And unlike other powders in the market, we pride ourselves in not using artificial additives, preservatives or colouring!

Our premium green powdered super food mix will alkalize your body in a natural way, due to its dynamic formula of alfalfa, chlorophyll, wheatgrass, vitamin C and amino acids!

Did you know that green superfood powder mix can help oxygenate your body and boost metabolism? This nutritionally complete super food is going to help you regulate blood sugar and improve digestion, due to the chlorophyll and vitamin C!

By choosing our delicious and natural, herbal green superfood powder mix, you can help promote nutrient absorption, reduce inflammation, help prevent tooth decay and enhance your overall sense of well-being!


Our premier, powerful, energy boosting green powdered superfood supplement mix is going to offer you increased strength, endurance and skyrocket your immunity!

Why miss out on this amazing opportunity to improve your health with a glass of delicious vegetarian green superfood mix?



Inspired by the healing possibilities and natural source of pure extract supplements, our family has been extracting, bottling, and distributing pure garlic for more than three decades.


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