Inspired By The Healing Possibilities And Natural Source Of Pure Extract Supplements

Our family has been extracting, bottling, and distributing pure garlic for more than three decades. Our formula recipe was first crafted in 1986 with a pile of the highest quality garlic on the table and knowledge of the traditional hand pressing extraction methods that have been used for centuries. Originally, we bottled the natural supplement for our close friends, family, and community and were fulfilled and inspired by the stories of hope and transformation in their health and nutrition. Thirty years later, we are driven by the same results.
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selling since 1986 and QUALITY has always meant a great deal to us.
We have all heard the saying; “We are what we eat”. Simple quote, right? In reality, it’s far more complicated than one may think. The way we eat affects nearly EVERY aspect of our life. Nutrition influences our physical and mental health, mood, weight, and many other areas that make us who we are. Good nutrition was once an easier goal to accomplish, but today, unhealthy ingredients, artificial colors and preservatives make it very difficult to lead a healthy, nutritious lifestyle.

The creation of modern food processing has robbed us of vital nutrients and minerals. It has removed the nutritional value from the foods we used to know and love, and replaced it with artificial and heavily processed ingredients. In addition, the foods we assume to be healthy, such as fruits and vegetables, are being smothered with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other various chemical fertilizers.

If there is one thing we’ve come to realize over the years, it’s that supplementation is VITAL for a healthy, happy life. Why? Because we’re simply not getting enough nutrients from food anymore. However; it’s important to note that not all supplement companies are the same. Unlike most, our formulation has been crafted by FAMILY members and carried throughout the generations. Our ultimate goal is to deliver optimal dietary nutrition to individuals and families, and drastically improve the world’s health!
One of our main missions is to provide the world with all the essential nutrients their diets currently lack. What sets our products apart is that they are NOT subjected to harmful preserving, heating or treating processes. We keep conditions exactly the way mother nature intended; with carefully-selected ingredients that work wonders for your health!

As a family-run and owned business, we care about the quality of our ingredients just as much as you do. We’ve been selling our formulations since 1986 – and QUALITY has always meant a great deal to us. To discover more about our history, please read our “About” page. Here’s to a future worth fighting for. Living for. Here’s to good health.

Pure Garlic Extract

Premium Pure Garlic Extract Dietary Supplement With Allicin
We all know that garlic is extremely beneficial to your immune system, but what’s the best and easiest way to make sure that your body absorbs all the healthy nutrients? Our Pure Garlic Extract with allicin cold-processed liquid formula is here to ensure maximum absorption and skyrocket your immunity.

Pure Super Green

Ultimate Raw Green Powder Mix - Healthy & Organic Superfood Energy Supplement
If you are looking for a delicious yet healthy and nutritious addition to your daily diet, then look no further! The green superfood powder mix is here to improve your health and turbo-charge your immune system! And unlike other powders in the market, we pride ourselves in not using artificial additives, preservatives or colouring!

The Extenser

Discover The Natural Way To Boost Your Performance
Now you can naturally support a longer, stronger and more powerful erection and enjoy higher energy levels with the Extenser healthy and safe male enhancement dietary supplement.


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